Writing a Thank You Email after an Interview

July 13, 2020

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The interview doesn’t end once you walk out the room.

Do you know there are job candidates who get ahead of the competition, just because they sent a thank you email and/or follow up email after the interview?

Is this easy to do? Definitely.

Does it require effort? Not much.

So how many people actually do this? Surprisingly, not many!

Be one of the few who do it right, and gain an advantage over your competition:


Thank You Email After Interview – Example

Close your interview with a Thank You email to leave a positive, lasting impression.

Send this email within a day from the interview.

You can also take the opportunity to clarify questions raised in the interview, or share additional information you didn’t get a chance to during the interview.

Here’s an example of an interview Thank You email:

ResumeWriter Tip: Never spam your interviewer! Send just ONE thank you email after the interview as a courteous gesture to thank the interviewer for his time. Don’t ask if you got the job right after the interview.

You could take this email a step further too.

Here’s another tip – instead of just saying “I’m following up on the interview…”, start your email by mentioning the latest company or industry developments, along with your personal thoughts about it, and ask the line manager for theirs.

This shows you’re well-read and you have a strong interest in the firm.

ResumeWriter Tip: Do not spam follow up emails and chase hiring managers incessantly!

Keep In Contact Email After Interview – Example

What if you didn’t make the cut?

After persistent follow up, you learn that you’ve been rejected.

How do you acknowledge rejection with grace?

Respond with an email to thank the interviewer, and maintain a good relationship.

Honestly, you’ll never know when you’ll cross paths again, especially if you’re in the same industry.

The last impression you leave is just as important as the first.

Leave a lingering, positive impression with your courteous email note, and you’ll stand a higher chance of making it through the interview process.

ResumeWriter Tip: We’ve got more email templates and examples written exclusively for jobseekers like you. Check out our Email Templates package.

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