You’re a people person. You love hearing people’s stories, making that personal connection, and helping others move forward – and it shows in your great emails and occasional phone calls.

You’re a problem-solving fanatic – you love helping customers overcome job search challenges, and seeing them walk away delighted.

You’re a skilled writer. You know how to keep things tight, high impact, and flowing naturally.

You know your way around your tenses, and you get grammar jokes – there’s no way you’d send out a mail that says “you’re” when you mean “your” (we’re a writing services company after all).

Does the above sound like you?

If so, you could be our next great Resume Writer!

We’re always looking for stellar writers, who value people and have deep sector knowledge (across a range of industries – we have writers who are former HR professionals and headhunters, but also former finance managers and marketing directors too!)


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Extensive Training Provided

We offer extensive training, teach you step-by-step what makes an amazing CV, and then provide further on-the-job training and mentoring to ensure you continue to grow with us, and your work delights and exceeds client expectations.

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Remote Work & Flexible Hours

A 100% remote role, you’ll thrive with us if you’re a passionate self-starter who’s able to manage your own time productively and efficiently.

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Amazing Culture

Though we work physically apart, you’ll never feel like you’re working alone. We care intensely about succeeding – together. We’re constantly experimenting, looking for opportunities to work collaboratively, and drawing ideas from across the company.


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When applying, please use the email subject “Hiring – Resume Writer – Your Name”


ResumeWriterAsia is Asia’s leading resume writing firm. By polishing our clients’ CVs, Cover Letters, and LinkedIn profile pages, we help jobseekers get noticed by recruiters and a step closer to landing their dream jobs!

We’re extremely passionate about how a great CV has the power to unlock doors, and we’re there for our clients until the day they sign their new contracts.


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