E-Commerce Director Resume Sample

December 18, 2020

Here’s a sample resume we recently produced for a E-Commerce Director in Australia.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • About the E-Commerce Director Role
  • What Hiring Managers Look For In E-Commerce Director Resumes
  • E-Commerce Director Job Opportunities
  • Job Hunting Tips from our Resident Headhunter

E-Commerce Director CV [Full Sample]

Here’s a full E-Commerce Director resume sample, which we wrote for a client recently.

Hudson Fern
E-Commerce Leader
Email: hfern@email.com   |   Mobile:+61 491 570 110   |   Nationality: Australian
  • Strategic E-commerce leader with >6 years’ experience developing high-impact e-capabilities development solutions, driving digital marketing strategy and sales transformation initiatives, and delivering high-growth revenue results within e-commerce retail and F&B industry across APAC.
  • Demonstrable business acumen and expertise with digital practices & trends, DTC & new business models, omnichannel strategy and brand building; adept translating high-level information to key stakeholders for successful project implementations, advocating business efficiencies and improved customer experience.
  • Natural team player, action-oriented and strategic planner for collaborative, multicultural and international environment, with ability to secure solid business relationships across organisational levels and externally.
Achievements Include:
  • Brand building extending reach by +30% across APAC markets, and exceeded EC channel sales by USD185M with revenue CAGR of +21%, factoring for >60% of APAC business growth contribution. ~ ABC Inc.
  • Successful onboarding of 4 key strategic markets in APAC as strategic digital acceleration plan, that grew digital FTE staff by 3 in 5 years and uplifted digital capabilities maturity by +30%. ~ ABC Inc.
  • Accelerated ecommerce plans and grew opportunity pipeline significantly, through strategic partnerships with global key customer accounts (FGH Inc., JKL Ltd., UGC Co.). ~ ASD Co.

[This section gives a good helicopter view of the candidate. Quantifying the current role helps to give scale to the current responsibilities.]

Business Strategy   |   D2C Sales Growth & New Business Models   |   Category & Channel Management   |   Data Analytics   |   Brand Strategy & Social Media & Digital & Omni-Channel Strategy   |   Global Project Management   |   Partnership & Relationship Management   |   Customer Experience   |   Cross-cultural Adaptation & Team Leadership

[Ensure the keywords here mirror those used in the job ad. The first round of vetting is often done by a software scanner. This section helps to pad the CV with key phrases, which is necessary to get past those scanners.]

Omnichannel Transformation Leader
Jul 2019 – Present
ABC INC, Australia
  • Drive omni-channel brand transformation strategies, managing media planning budget of USD11M across 7 regions in APAC; deploy global digital asset strategy to elevate data analytics readiness, and pilot APAC T&L brand agenda. Oversee omni-channel sales transformation to support markets.[Opening line perfectly summarizes the candidate’s current role as it speaks about the size of the team and primary responsibility.]
  • Support implementation and performance review of various global omni-channel brand campaigns and activations to deliver growth transformation.[Elaborate on your key responsibilities.]
  • Build and deploy sales growth acceleration initiatives (perfect digital store, shopper marketing, ecommerce portfolio solutions, SRM), partnering markets through strategic business reviews to support execution.
  • Identify D2C business opportunities, accelerate D2C marketing streams and existing digital assets, to optimise digital acquisition, conversion and retention through best-in-class brand experiences; define performance targets/KPIs to formalise regional D2C financial reporting.
  • Partner HR and cross-functional teams to drive enterprise-wide digital transformation, through capability development & investment strategy, and digital talent programmes (coaching & mentoring, succession planning); facilitated APAC omni-channel communities of expertise to redefine organisation-wide learning & sharing culture.
Significant Highlights
  • Extended brand reach by +30% across APAC markets, in applying 80/15/5 media investment strategy and putting forth principles of media operating governance.[Talk about your contributions (and the approaches you took on to achieve them) to the company and how it affected the operations in the relevant locations where possible.]
  • Exceeded EC channel sales by USD86M with revenue CAGR +20%, factoring for >60% of APAC business growth contribution; top 5 e-KAs achieved steady revenue growth at CAGR of >40%.[Cite quantifiable metrics to support your achievements. Do, however, be aware of your company confidentiality clause.]
  • Deployed 3 strategic EC acceleration initiatives in APAC that delivered incremental sales of USD200K – USD5M.
  • D2C grew by +70%, reaching 10% of overall EC business sales contribution in APAC, through implementation and acceleration of 4 new business models (FGS, social commerce, Shop in Shop, ecosystem based commerce).
  • Increased digital maturity readiness by +15% in rolling out enterprise-wide digital transformation.
Global E-commerce & Knowledge Manager
Feb 2014 – Oct 2015
ASD Co., Australia
  • Drove strategic global e-commerce & sales knowledge management initiatives and determined priorities for business intelligence strategy; developed e-business plans across categories and channels in Europe and Latin America for global customers, and prescribed processes needed to fortify global e-commerce capabilities.[Simple, clear overview of the job you previously done. Notice also how the remaining bullet points are shorter. No need to go into deep detail about previous similar workscopes.]
  • Engaged with retailers at both global and local levels to position ASD Co. as critical partner and build online category captaincy; worked with IKAMs to select e-commerce counterparts for international agreements.
  • Led e-commerce projects and T&L initiatives, managing and influencing key business units and e-retailers throughout adoption of new standards in industry.
  • Launched local workshops, animated e-commerce community and networked with start-ups, agencies and other CPGs, sharing widely on ASD Co.’s vision, ambition and scope for e-commerce, enabling strong digital ecosystem.
  • Supervised global business intelligence strategy that supported sales enablement; analysed and communicated on strategic updates including business & category trends, retail & consumer insights and priority knowledge solutions.
Significant Highlights
  • Accelerated global ecommerce plans (JBP) with global customers, growing opportunity pipeline through strategic business reviews; key contributor in customers’ internal meetings on status quo and priorities.
  • Launched transversal projects collaborating with external partners and digital agencies to test and learn for best practices; projects covered areas in precision marketing/targeted couponing, gamification, consumer insights, etc.
  • Developed business intelligence strategy on shopper/retail environment, partnering external major key agencies and cultivated effective ongoing global relationships based on trust.
Regional Ecommerce & Digital Acceleration Manager
Oct 2015 – Mar 2019
ABC Inc., Australia
  • Managed development of digital acceleration roadmap, including markets onboarding, foundations building, driving functional expertise, influencing digital budget & resource allocation; partnered global markets to roll out projects, supporting double digit KPI growth & elevating digital maturity across APAC.[Simple, clear overview of the job you previously done. Notice also how the remaining bullet points are shorter. No need to go into deep detail about previous similar workscopes.]
  • Identified key digital business trends and growth opportunities shaping developments of new ecommerce strategies; established financial forecasts, must-win battles and capabilities required to maximize growth.
  • Strengthened relationships with key leading local/regional players, to identify cross-functional initiatives that fuel growth and efficiencies, aligning with strategic business and category priorities.
  • Accelerated key digital commerce capabilities by organizing digital events, incorporating regional structural process, and animating demand communities; fostered regional BPs sharing and built collaborative teams.
  • Worked closely with HR, effectively driving digital transformation agenda supporting talent acquisitions and organizational design to invest ahead of the digital growth curve.

  • Significant Achievements
  • Gained revenue growth of +18% CAGR, contributing to 31% of total sales generated for APAC, through progressive execution of digital marketing & transformation initiatives.
  • Onboarded 4 key strategic markets, developing tactical business thrusts and action plans for optimal results.
  • Generated NSV growth for Korea and ANZ by +USD20M in 4Y, with revenue CAGR of +50% and >10 FTEs, following implementation of strategic digital transformational plans in collaboration with key stakeholders.
  • Developed regional portfolio of 5 key omni-players across APAC, strengthening ecommerce & cross functional approaches (category, joint value creation, executional priorities) towards robust sustainable business growth.
  • Grew digital maturity readiness by +30%, through comprehensive share & learn agenda to build digital capabilities.
Sales Representative Manager
Apr 2011 – Feb 2014
RTH Group, Australia
  • Drove all sales activities covering product listing negotiations, promotions, brand merchandising and price optimisation, managing HM/SM portfolio turnover of USD15M (equivalent to 60% of independent stores).
Significant Highlights
  • Implemented 2 successful local projects (promotion operations) and handled budget of up to USD20K.
  • Master in Global Management & Affairs; International Finance | Australia Management University | Australia | 2011
  • Bachelor of Science in Management | National University of Australia | Australia | 2008
  • Languages: Fluent in English.
  • Nationality: Australian
  • Availability: 1 Month’s Notice

References available upon request

[There’s no need to list your references; if HR is interested in you they will ask you for them.]


Bonus Job Hunting Tips for E-Commerce Director

It’s a terrific time to be in the e-commerce field! Companies are increasingly turning to online retail (some even shifting completely), and the e-commerce industry is expected to grow tremendously over the next few years.

Interested in climbing the ranks to a senior leadership E-Commerce role? Here’s what you need to know about being an E-Commerce Director:

An E-Commerce director oversees sales and distributions of products through online shopping platforms, generally the company or brands’ own channels, and partners’ or key customers’ channels too. E-Commerce directors must be strategically minded and relationship savvy, as they typically collaborate closely with cross functional and external partners to drive all aspects of e-commerce.

This may include devising e-commerce strategies, analysing channel effectiveness and sales performance, running marketing and promotional campaigns, web optimisation and analytics, and forecasting business and sales projections.

Key Pointers Hiring Managers Look For in E-Commerce Director Resumes

  • Clearly communicate your key strengths and abilities in e-commerce, and breadth of the scope you’ve handled. E-commerce is a relatively broad field, so doing this gives the hiring manager a clearer idea of your capabilities.
  • Ensure you include keywords relevant to the job description! In the case of an E-Commerce Director, this includes role-specific keywords such as ‘direct to consumer’ or ‘omnichannel strategy’’, and skill keywords such as ‘digital strategy’, or ‘channel management’, that are vital to the role.
  • Of course, don’t just pepper your CV with keywords – the best E-Commerce practitioners are able to demonstrate their capabilities with hard evidence. State your most significant achievements to the company, and mention metrics that show channel, revenue, or sales growth.

E-Commerce Director Job Opportunities

  • Join LinkedIn groups or follow companies you wish to work for to keep abreast with new job openings.
  • Alternatively, you can reach out to these headhunters in Australia to learn about any vacancies they may be trying to fill out.

Job Hunting Tips from our Resident Headhunter

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